Chevron Nigeria Limited, in collaboration with its Joint Venture partner, the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC), is offering a number of University Scholarship Awards to suitably qualified Nigerian students. E-applications are invited from full-time SECOND YEAR (200 LEVEL) degree students of the under-listed courses in Nigerian Universities: 1. Accountancy 2. Agricultural Engineering/Agricultural Science 3. Architecture … [Read more…]

Bilateral Educational Agreement (BEA) Scholarship Award for Nigerians, 2017

Applications are invited for Bilateral Educational Agreement (BEA) awards available for Nigerian students under the Federal Government scholarship scheme. Awards will be awarded for undergraduate and postgraduate program, ranges from 4- 9 years depending on the level of study and the country. The general aim of Federal Government Scholarship Award Scheme is to assist Nigerian … [Read more…]

APPLY: Education First International Speech Competition 2017

The EF Challenge is an international speech competition that encourages high school students to find a creative and engaging answer to the question: “What does it mean to be a global citizen?” With the help of their teachers, the EF Challenge participants will write and record a short speech that inspires the audience and convinces … [Read more…]

APPLY: Access Bank 2 year Frontline Internship Program 2017

This is an exciting opportunity for fresh graduates who are passionate about people and are interested in exploring various career options or require work experience as a pre-requisite for an MBA programme with a leading international university. WORTH The front line internship program offers on-the-job experience and classroom training that will significantly enhance the applicant’s … [Read more…]

{Remember…} Paid in Full

The Heavens were silent,  the earth made no sound, every living creature trembled and man was in agony, the angels cried – what can buy the redemption of mankind, for there was none qualify to purchase it? The devil  thought he had won until the lamb of God arose with Love and Compassion and a … [Read more…]

His Life for Yours

His life for yours, how could  it ever be that God son will die for wretched mankind. What a Love so divine. He left his glory circled throne, His heart was broken to amend yours. He wore a crown of thorns to grant you royalty and His sorrows were borne to bring joy to you. … [Read more…]

He Dropped The Charges

                I was guilty for so long, I lived in sin too long but Jesus with his special love reached down with his arms so strong and picked me up and set me on the right road. Once upon a time, a man was found arrayed in a … [Read more…]


        Is your name out? Have you being given admission? This is usually a very important word among aspiring students of any higher institution of learning. It is what makes a year one student the same with a final year student because he or she was once admitted into the institution before … [Read more…]

The Price

When next he advertises his product, ask him what is its eternal guarantee. When the devil roams as he hunts for prey, he has the habit of advertising and convincing his prospective clients of the sweetness, pleasure ad pleasantness of his product- SIN, but he conceals the crucial fact that the pleasure of SIN is … [Read more…]