{Remember…} Paid in Full

The Heavens were silent,  the earth made no sound, every living creature trembled and man was in agony, the angels cried - what can buy the redemption of mankind, for there was none qualify to purchase it? The…

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His Life for Yours

His life for yours, how could  it ever be that God son will die for wretched mankind. What a Love so divine. He left his glory circled throne, His heart was broken to amend yours. He wore a…

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        Is your name out? Have you being given admission? This is usually a very important word among aspiring students of any higher institution of learning. It is what makes a year one student the…

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The Price

When next he advertises his product, ask him what is its eternal guarantee. When the devil roams as he hunts for prey, he has the habit of advertising and convincing his prospective clients of the sweetness, pleasure ad…

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