Eternity is an endless time, it is life without end. It is a journey we don’t come back from. Everyday we live, people are going to answer this great call of “eternity.” You don’t have an option, you must answer this great call. Mind you, your age, sex, status, educational qualification, your looks, your background, all of these do not matter there. Eternity is ageless. It is mysterious. The poor and the rich, all present there. The good part of this is this, you have the choice to determine how your eternity would look like. Nobody chooses it for you without your will. You know why you need to choose? That’s because there are only two places one can spend his or her eternity. Do you know the wonderful thing about these places? They have been fully described by Christ in the word of God. It gives us a picture of what eternity is.

The Bible made us to know that the two places available in eternity are either heaven or hell. I would give a brief description of these places.

Hell as described in the Bible as a place where the worms dies not nor the fire quenched Mark9:44. It is a place filled with torment and anguish. A terrible place for a terrible sinner who refuses to give heed to the word of God while on earth. A place for backsliders, it is an awful place! It is a place never to be desired. You know what? Majority of people are threading on this part because it condoles any kind of lifestyle. It is a place where you can live your life without the Creator and still enter there. Do you know the Lord of this place? It is the devil, he is the King of hell. Those who think they are “enjoying” here on earth, are on their path to this terrible place.

I now introduce to you a place where everyone wishes to enter but not everyone gets there because there is a criteria to be met before one can enter. It is no other place but Heaven. A glimpse of what heaven looks like is seen in the Scripture. The book of Revelation gives a wonderful description of this place. It is a place where the streets are made of gold and there no need of light “…for the Lord God giveth them light” Revelation22:5. Everyone wants to get there but only few would enter in. No wonder the Bible says “strive to enter in” Luke13:24. Heaven is not for wishers. It is a place for men who have given over their life to Christ. It is a place for those who have been washed by the blood of the Lamb.

For you to enter in, you must be saved. This is the entrance key to this blissful place of eternity. You know one wonderful thing about this? Salvation is free and is available right there where you are.

You want to get save so as to get ready for a blissful eternity?
Follow the steps in the book of Romans10:9,10

  1. Accept viagra without prescription in usa Jesus into your heart.
  2. Believe in your heart that He only can save you.
  3. Confess and forsake your sins.

Remember, heaven is only sure for you if Christ can vouch for your Salvation.



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