A bridge in the physical sense, is a structure that spans and provides a link between two places. In the spiritual sense, however, a bridge is anything that acts as a connection between the believer and the world; it’s to shun everything that is capable of diverting your focus from God and heaven. It is to be a resolute Christian, one who confidently declares, “This is my God forever and ever.

Why burn the bridge? You must burn the bridge in order not to go back to the things you left behind, the things you left at the foot of the cross. Burning the bridge is a clear indication that you have left your old ways never to go back to them again. It’s an indication that you have removed anything that reminds you of your past life of sin, worldliness and half-hearted service to God. It is also a pointer to the fact that you have chosen to go on with the Lord always.

You can’t achieve this by your physical strength because by strength shall no man prevail. Ask the Lord for strength and rely on Him for grace to run the race.

As you sever every bond with the world and faithfully press on in your walk with God, you’ll be endued with strength and grace to succeed in the heavenly race.



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