It was a shock! I thought God was involved in this one but He wasn’t.

When I made that prayer two years ago, a week into April, I awaited Confirmation. Every other thing were flowing and flooding. We connected like MTN, hearing each other everywhere we go. But God had other plans!!

So my prayer request was like a memo, informing God what I felt and requesting for his stamp of approval to make it formal. But I  got Isaiah 7:7, “Thus saith the Lord GOD, It shall not stand, neither shall it come to pass” (KJV).

Every Christian must be ready to surrender everything, and allow God to have his way. It will hurt you the same way it did hurt Abraham, when his son Isaac was to be the sacrifice. The same way Jesus prayed, “if it be thy will let this cup pass… But not my will, thy will be done”. We are called to total obedience, and “just obey” remains “God’s way!!!”

Like Abraham who later got a lamb for the sacrifice, and was called “a friend of God”, and Jesus whose blood redeems from all sins and received a name that is above all others, so it is to all who Obey God.

Just two years after, and I’m grateful it did not stand or come to pass.

Learn to surrender totally to God, both when it’s favourable and not, because God sees not as man.



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