Count your blessings name them one by one, count your blessings see what God has done, count your blessings, past and present, name them one by one, and it will surprise you what the Lord has done.

   If we would be sincere with ourselves and our hearts we would know that we do not have to look far to see numerous things to be thankful to the Lord for. You are not paying for the air you breathe now right? There are persons, who due to the state of their health are paying for the air they are breathing in. You left home yesterday, and returned with an injury on your leg because you missed your step and mistakenly fell. Someone might have missed his/her step yesterday the same way you did and might have fallen to rise no more, as he/she might have fallen with a very delicate part of his/her body and as a result given up the ghost without much ado.

  Please give up the attitude of ungratefulness today dear you, there is so much to be thankful to God for, I tell you, so much. The gift of Jesus Christ for you and I above every other gift, the gift of life, the gift of the provision of food, water, shelter, clothing, receiving help in times help looked as if it would not come, the gift of safe journeys, the gift of recovering from illnesses without even maybe having to visit the hospital, the gift of your little wins here and there, the gift of your dad falling ill some time ago, and is now almost fully recovered, or completely recovered, I could go on... There is just so much to be thankful to the Lord for.

  Whatever might or might not be happening, whatever might or might not be available, learn to thank the Lord in all situations, there is and would always be something to be thankful to the Lord for if you would sincerely look back to previous times, or look closely to the numerous little miracles He is performing all around you even today. 

Ask the Lord for a heart of gratitude today if it is something you find difficult to do, or do just occasionally; gratitude to God, people, and for the gift of life and living generally should be an attitude, a daily way of living, a lifestyle.



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