He Dropped The Charges










I was guilty for so long, I lived in sin too long but Jesus with his special love reached down with his arms so strong and picked me up and set me on the right road.

Once upon a time, a man was found arrayed bb lv miracle of nature berry will raise potency in a court- high above every other. He was found guilty, his face dropped to face the ground as the judge declared his final verdict.

Suddenly a mediator appeared, stood by the side of his wretched man whose fate has been decided, though guilty of the charges, doomed and disgraced, the mediator who is apparently higher the the Judge, said “case dismissed” in an authoritative and unquestionable voice.

With a combination of surprise and tears of joy, he looked up and saw his mediator who said to him “You are free, go and sin no more”. In order to make him understand, He also said “discharged and acquitted”

He went home happy, free and grateful. His friends, family and well–wishers came around because they believe his room in the prison has already been made. Out of surprise, one asked, “my dear, what happened”? He told them the story of how he was discharged and acquitted.

“He dropped the charges for me, my case was dismissed and I am saved by grace. Jesus has done the same for you on the Cross of Calvary, have you acknowledged Him? John 8vs36- “If the SON shall make you free, YE shall be FREE indeed”



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