His life for yours, how could  it ever be that God son will die for wretched mankind. What a Love so divine. He left his glory circled throne, His heart was broken to amend yours. He wore a crown of thorns to grant drug interaction lisinopril and cialis you royalty and His sorrows were borne to bring joy to you. He was despised and rejected, you were accepted by God. He was stripped of his clothes so that a robe of righteousness can be placed on you. Oh His entire self for you, yes his life for yours.

You have been selfish all this while, what have you given to Christ. You say its my Life, let me live it. But He laid down His Life to buy yours. Don’t linger in your vanity and pride, you’ve already wasted so many years. Heed the master’s call today, “I  died to save you from sin”.