Life is not a game.
We are in a world governed by principles or laws known as natural laws. The breaking of any law whether man made or natural law attract consequences. So our success and failure in life is determined by these laws. That is why we must know and obey these laws.

Some of these laws includes;
The law of input and output.
The law of cause and effect.
The law of sowing and reaping Etc.

Life is not a game. Things don’t just happen by chance. Life is a reality and every reality is governed by these natural laws or principles. There are natural principles guiding our spiritual, academic, financial, physical and social life. One is said to be successful in life when he discover these laws and obey them.

Our success and failure in life is determined by how we obey these laws. For us to succeed spiritually, academically, financially, physically etc, we must discover the principles guiding each of these aspect of life and obey them.

Then our obedience to those principles and natural laws will be the input and success will be the output. In other words, obedience will be our sowing and success is the reaping. That’s why we must study. Success is predictable! Show me how you study and I will tell you what you will graduate with.

Every failure we encounter in this life is as a result of breaking laws. You don’t know laws about finance and jumped into a business, no wonder you are still struggling with poverty. You came into these world where the invisible control the physical but you don’t care to have a good relationship with God, no wonder demons are still pursing you in your dreams. You just entered into marriage because all your mates are marring, no wonder your family has not known peace.

We must study. Gain knowledge about these principles and when we obey them we will reap happiness and joy. Knowledge is power. The difference between that rich man and that poor man is simply knowledge. The rich man discovered laws guiding financial life.

However one can discover a law or principles guiding a particular aspect of life such as finance and become ignorant of others. Then that person will have an unbalanced life or an incomplete success. For instance a rich man who is not in good relationship with God has failed spiritually. A rich man who doesn’t have a happy home has failed in his family life but successful financially. So we must strive to be balance. That is do not pursue one aspect of life at the expense of other.

Life is a reality. Then the question is what are you sowing now? What is your input concerning your academic, spiritual, financial, physical and social life ? What will you reap after now? Anything you are doing right has a consequence. Whatsoever you sow you must reap. If you sow in the flesh(sinful lifestyle) you reap dearth but if you sow in the spirit you reap eternal life.



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