{Remember…} Paid in Full

The Heavens were silent,  the earth made no sound, every living creature trembled and man was in agony, the angels cried – what can buy the redemption of mankind, for there was none qualify to purchase it? The devil  thought he had won until the lamb of God arose with Love and Compassion and a made-up mind surrendered as the ultimate sacrifice for man’s redemption.  He came and died an amazing death on the cross which was the only way to save man and reconcile him to God.

At the cross, just before He gave up the ghost, He placed an official signature on the purchased redemption –  It Is Finished. There was a great earthquake, the earth shook and the veil of  the hollies of  holy in temple was rent and torn-apart. You are free to  return home, the  price has been paid and the ultimate one, no other requirement – neither the blood of bulls,  dove, sheep but the blood of  the lamb of God has paid it all.

Accept Jesus as  your Lord and personal Savior, he natural generic cialis tadalafil died to  redeem you.



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