It keeps you busy running in circles while yoy have no faith in your ability to make it to the finishing line, yet you cannot stop running to devise means in other to reach the end.

Self limitation simply means seeing yourself lower than where you are supposed to be. Many people have high dream and vision of what they wish to get and where they wanna see themselves be in few years time, but hardly will you see them strive tirelessly to be there. Once they see one or two people that seems to be getting there before them, they give in and sluggishly follow behind, or they see someone they believe should reach there before them still slagging behind though ahead of them, they give up saying if getting this is hard for such an individual that can do almost everything, how much more me;?
“I can’t make it” they I’ll say while backing it up with this popular solgan “I can’t kill myself ooo”.
* * *
Dear reader in one way or the other you might have felt this way concerning some situations in your life you strive to change.

You give up too soon.
You compare your achievement based on how fast or how slow those you tag better than you achieve similar goals.

This might have been your case till now; but this article is directed towards destroying those bricks you laid before your progress.

Everybody is unique in their own ways, and until you find out how unique you are, you can’t reach your dreams.

So let’s start by exposing the UNIQUE YOU.
Do you know that there are situations in this life that would never be solved until you fill up your gap in the space you are created for…that’s the UNIQUE YOU. No matter how hard others try to fill up the space it can’t be achieved unless you take your postion there, and until you understand this, you will keep comparing your level of achievements with others higher or lower than you.

*Let this mind be in you as we continue…

Further more let’s expose the PROMISED YOU.
Jesus sent letter methandienone cycle for women evidence for to you specifically in the book of Deuteronomy 28:13 “And the LORD shall make thee the head, and not the tail; and thou shalt be above only, and thou shalt not be beneath; if that thou hearken unto the commandments of the LORD thy God, which I command thee this day, to observe and to do them”. Ok! Let me assume that you have not seen this letter of promise success sent to you years ago even before you were born, maybe because you allocated the time for going through your bulk of letter, to analyse peoples life and how it’s impossible for you to make it to the top.

You gat no excuse now to believe in yourself, I have opened the letter and the contents are revealed, claim the promise and soar above your fears.

Finally let’s expose THE SUCCESS IN YOUR TONGUE. There are people who set great achiveable and realistic dreams, but they use their tongue to determine the success or faliure of the dream even before setting out to get it fulfilled. They say things like:
Hmm obviously this dream would be achieved if it were to be Mr A that conceived it?
Or you hear them say;
I have so much ability to write down dream but lack the skill to get them done. I am just a dummy?

Do any of this line ring a bell in you?

And true to that they will always end up not reaching their dreams because they never knew that the tongue controls the whole body towards success or failure.

So it would be needful to remind you of the SUCCESS or failure YOU CARRY IN YOUR TONGUE.
So speak positive
Speak success
And surely you will get success.

If you have not been seeing yourself from these three angle I exposed today, start now to view yourself like that.

Because the limitation that limits faster than any external limitation is YOU.

Change your view of yourself today!



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