God created us all specially, different in thinking and ability from everyone else around us. Unless they’ve been repeatedly taught and programmed to act in a particular way in a given situation, no two people will take the same approach in arriving at the solution to a given life problem.

Just as God made all species of creation different in characteristics sand ability from other organisms of the same genus, so has he endowed each of us with the powerful ability to create and reproduce.

It is wrong to write anybody off as being incapable of achieving anything great. Great professors may stutter and fumble when asked to defend the basics of a discipline that is clearly different from the one they specialized in.

Creativity is absolute in its relativity. It resident in all of us yet peculiar to the personal gifts and talents we have been endowed with.

Not understanding this basic fact has made many students to venture into studying courses they have no passion whatsoever for. This invariably accounts also for the high rate of surprise suicides cutting across famous men and accomplished women who even after reaching the peak of their profession and being acclaimed for groundbreaking records, find no real joy, fulfillment and satisfaction in them.

Understanding the talents god has endowed us with is key to unlocking the doors of innovation that are hidden inside of us all. Our talents are activities from which we derive great joy in doing. They give us utmost satisfaction and we appreciate them even if others may be finding them difficult, impracticable, or unpleasant. These are the courses we should channel our energies into, developing them with the strength and wisdom God has given us.

Despising this great gift of God for other passions will lead to disaffection and dissatisfaction at the end of the day. God’s plan and purpose is that we live happy, fulfilled lives both here on earth and in eternity at the end of time.

I once played a game on my android phone and scaled up many levels in such a short time that I was contacted by the game developers to come over to their studio to help in sampling game developments.
Some of the great men we celebrate in the world today didn’t have the privilege of attending higher institutions. In developing African countries for example, it is the norm to hear freshly graduated students crying out for lack of employment opportunities.

Their strongest wish is to be employed by the firms created by others with no greater an amount of grey matter than everyone else. Why won’t they apply the knowledge they have acquired in solving real life problems and being employers of labour? Simply because they find no passion in it and as such, there is no desire to go the extra mile in taking risks to start up something related to their profession.

Proverbs 18:16 says: “A man’s gift maketh room for him, and bringeth him before great men.” (KJV)

God has given us talents according to our several abilities. These talents are the raw forms of the hidden potentials we have in us for achieving greatness.

It is never too late to make a fresh start, if at any point we come to realize that we have veered off God’s original course for our lives and charted a new one for ourselves.

Beyond passion, the price for relevance is in identifying the natural abilities God has endowed us with, and in polishing and developing them to the point of being able to uniquely solve problems surrounding us and surrounding others around us.

So long as we do not tie up our talents in a napkin and bury them for fireplace reminiscences in the latter years of our life, when put to use they are sure to yield innovative returns in multiples of every input we provide.

So don’t be in the class of those who bemoan their mediocre existence while letting the seeds of greatness imbedded in them remain uncultivated; or those who veer into paths charted for others and are content to remain one-eyed men in the country of the blind, barely managing to remain afloat by sheer hard work and painstaking diligence.

There is a field you can excel in without breaking a sweat every minute. Find it and nurture it. This is where your talent lies.



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