Long time ago, I got entangled with an old man. Our relationship got to the extend that I had no life of my own no more. I became a slave to him and yet I had no choice nor an escape route.

With him, I had no peace but yet I couldn’t let go because no matter how I try, I keep running back to his deadly arms even though he abused me daily, took my confidence and strength.

I can remember that fateful day, I was alone with him in the house; the air felt fragile that morning and I felt insecure. He started filling my mind with many evil thoughts, that day, he made me sin against my own body. I know that what I did with him that day was improper and unacceptable but he has stolen my strength of resisting him from me. We have gone so far that I finds it hard to resist his voice.

Also ruminating on the day he made me abort the little life in me, the life that got into me by yielding to his voice. I hate this old man but he was already a part of my life that I can’t do without.

This relationship lingered on till that fateful day, when I was invited over by a friend to worship with her that Sunday. This old man also came along too – we were always together because he never lets me out of his sight.

That Sunday morning, after the message of the pastor, the burdens of my sins were so much on me because his message was like it was written for me specifically and I cried like I never did.

The old man again tried to cajole me into leaving with him, he said he felt weak and needed to rest. That’s what he does, always weak, finding excuses whenever I want to make a good move. But that Sunday, I was ready to fight him even with no strength; with a knocking knees, I still persevered.

When the pastor called for an alter call, I stood up, struggling through the multitude, seeking for an escape from this old man that has kept me in bondage for long. Yet from the corner of my eyes, I sighted this old man following me closely.

When I finally made it at the feet of the man of God, I saw a knife at his feet. Letting my knees kiss the pale floor and with tears flowing down my face, I took up the knife and turning to the old man, I stabbed him. I stabbed him as many a times he did abuse and caused me to do evil. I stabbed him till all the lifes in him did fade away. I stabbed him till I felt all my burdens being lifted.

Murdering that old man that Sunday morning, did turn my life around for good. Till date, I can’t forget that day when I stabbed that old man on the alter.

That old man is our flesh
That knife(sword) is the sword of the spirit which is prayer and that character can be anyone reading this content.

Indeed the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak!

What sin are you still entangled in today?
Masturbation? Fornication? Lust? Pornography? Lying? Stealing?
What is that sin the flesh is still pushing you to commit?
If you can make your way to calvary, your burden will be lifted if only you’re willing to stab that old man in you called Mr Flesh.

Run to Calvary today, there is an escape route waiting for you.

God bless you!



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