All my life I have wanted to move
But fear becomes my direction
Taking a step was without discretion
Going forward was like opposition
My intention were much but I couldn’t act
All my art of knowledge was impeded by fear.

There is no expression of expression
Because discouragement discourages my courage
Anytime I see the green go, I see the red stop
But until I stop red I can’t go green.

Searching for a part in my path that defines my path
I stopped observing the red and started exposing myself to the green
Then I knew the “green me” can stop the “red me” and go
I saw myself beyond the comfortable to come forth to the table
Deciding the side end I want to end.

I took a new start to begin the end and end the beginning
Not being afraid of fear and to love everything I dare
And to conquer everything I fear.



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