What would the world look like without a lightening system, whether natural or artificial? I believe it will be disastrous and nothing to be desired.

Almost every living thing depends one way or the other on light because of its uniqueness. Plants need sunlight for photosynthesis, likewise do men and animals to carryout their activities. The role of light in the world cannot be neglected.

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One major characteristic of light is its illuminating ability. Darkness disappears to the thin air the moment light appears. Also, light tends to glow when a place is dark,  and becomes less effective in an already lightened area.

As Christians, these wonderful features of light throws more light to why the scripture calls us “the light of the world.”
In Matthew 5:14, the scripture says “Ye are the light of the world…” This means that the moment an individual becomes a child of God over the counter speman instructions for use for men composition (s)he becomes the light of the world around him.

The world being filled with darkness, not the physical form of it but a rather a worse form, spiritual darkness, is in need of light. The world is filled with the darkness of sin, unrighteousness and wickedness. The world is in search of “the Light” so they can trace their path back to their creator.

Since it’s easier to locate one’s way in the presence of light, the world needs the light we have in us as Christians to see their emptiness and sinfulness. They really and truly want to see the Saviour in us and through us. If our light don’t shine, how will the world see Jesus in us? How will they see the change Jesus made in our lives? How will they locate their way to the master.
The problem of many “Christians” today is the dimness of their light, if peradventure it’s still present. It can no longer point men to the saviour. Their light is just like a low voltage, which even though present is as good as none. It can’t even brighten a little room. Such light is almost equivalent to darkness because it is almost useless. The dim light of such “Christians” today, is because they’ve lost their spiritual significance. They are no longer prayerful, watchful and even obedient to God’s word. They now find it difficult to evangelise. They now try to emulate the world in their dressing, communication and lifestyle. They even find it difficult to identify with Christ.

The question Jesus has for you today is this, are you still the light of the world? Can others see Jesus in you?  If yes, how bright is your light today?