This, that, him, her,
on and on you keep going,
Your tongue and lips on the run,
The door of your mouth wide open.

Words flow unbridled,
From your tongue and out;
Out to fragile hearts,
Fragile hearts which end up being broken.

The mole you make a mountain,
The pond you make an ocean,
A little you make look mighty,
In long drawn exaggerated words.

Hard speeches, mumurings, complaints,
Flow like music out of your mouth;
Constantly speaking great swelling words,
Lies they all are! Spoken in a bid to gain men’s advantage.

Even so the tongue is a little member,
A little member that boasteth great things;
The tongue is a fire, a world of iniquity,
It setteth on fire the course of nature.

Set a watch oh Lord over our mouths,
Keep the door of our lips;
Every word we speak, under the control of the Holy Spirit,
Our tongues an instrument to heal, bless, and reflect Christ.