We are in an age where abnormal things are seen normal, and normal things seen as abnormal.
An age where ladies have lost their shamefacedness. An age where people who hold on to their self esteem and dignity are mocked and ridiculed.

My mother told me of the days when ladies on trousers and skimpy mini cloths were mocked, chased about, and children sing frivolous songs to them. But now in my days, decent cloths are gradually fading, and those rejected attires are already becoming normal and acceptable.

What of those days when men with saggy trousers were termed poor because it’s assumed they cant afford belt to hold their trousers properly. But now if one doesn’t sag as a man, its assumed by the world that he lacks a fashionable mind – abnormal things becoming normal.
I vividly remember those days when torn trousers are worn by mentally retarded persons, but these days my heart bleeds, seeing sane people wearing torn cloths proudly as fashion – abnormal things gradually becoming normal in the society.

I can remember the day I opted for an handshake instead of a hug from a male friend – yes, the other ladies that came along all went for deep hugs, but I stretched my hand to him with a smile. You should see the look on their faces; their faces read, “who is this 12th century lady?” – how can I bury myself in the arms of a man that is neither my husband nor blood related to me. We just want to adopt the traditions of the white men, forgetting that we are Africans and that shamefacedness is tied to our culture. What of the days when ladies were so reserved that they knew when to draw the limit.

I dress decently, making sure I’m well covered and clean – then when I enter into the secular world, you raise your nose at me to mock me and call me names because I’m not indecently dressed like you, because I hid the things you freely expose. Who is abnormal? You or me – when abnormal things become normal and the normal termed abnormal.

Our age is changing, are you changing with the trend too? What are the good personal decisions you had dropped so that you can flow with the moving trend?

What are the things you adopted so you won’t be termed abnormal?

When abnormal things become normal, you don’t need to get abnormal to feel normal in this crazy world because no matter what happens, the normal will always be normal but in the eyes of the abnormal people.



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