Don’t answer yet, hold on please.
I went to an office to get my documents submitted. The young man in charge, probably in his early thirties with a smile, offered me a seat. I sat down. Yes I sat down ready to let him do his job while I flow with him. His eyes were fixed on me, with a smile on his face. I greeted him returning the smile

Your hair make, are you a deeper lifer? he asked.

“Oh yes they always know” I thought.

Yes, I am, I answered with a smile
And you can’t let go, like you can’t….

I already knew what he meant. I just smiled, he smiled too. Only if he knew mine was a different smile. The kind of smile I give when words bumps my heart with questions.
“Will you let go of this faith someday Vivi?”
, will you ever sell it out for something? ” these questions lingered in my heart. I really didn’t want to rush my answers like Peter did; promising never to leave his master no matter what but betrayed him just before the cock crew thrice because he failed to pray! But rather was sold in his self confidence.

Then one evening, I was discussing with some sisters…Godly sisters. We sat exchanging thought on the scripture, God, life and love. It’s good to dwell among the people that love the Lord. You’ll always have something to gain not unbelievers that’ll sap the one you have and make you feel weak to pray and talk to your God.

One of them said something deep. I can’t quote her correctly but a question was dropped again in my heart.
I have answered those two questions prayerfully.
Now I’m asking you reading this; Who is God to you? yes answer it but prayerfully please.
You call him FATHER, are you sure he how to quickly increase potency at home the answer crossfit recognizes you as a SON?

“He is our God some say or He’s my pastors God” Our God? Your pastor’s God? Why not your God? You’re scared to call him “My God” because you don’t have any personal relationship with him.

“He’s my healer” are you sure about that? Yes he heals and delivers you when you calls on his name.
Are you sure he answers you because he’s your healer or he answers just to honor his name which you called on?

“Who is God to you?”
Why are you deceiving yourself? You call yourself a Christian yet the life is not seen in you!

Do you know you’re mocking God? I look at you, yet no difference between you and a sinner, where is now the fruit? Yes the fruit of righteousness. Why deceive yourself?
You talk like someone that has never met Calvary, you have pleasure in those things that edify not, you are unequally yoked with sinners, yet you say boldly that you are born again…when the bible said “be yea not unequally yoked with unbelievers” you go ahead to make them your soulmate yet you say you are His son. Are you not scared of his wrath?

A toy you play with? Today you’re saved, tomorrow you’re back to your vomit. You know the bible, you know his standard. “Holiness, purity” stop deceiving yourself, stop hiding under religion!

Look, its better to be a full time sinner, than to be a half baked Christian cause the both are ending the same place! (HELL❗) its better to be there knowing you deserve it than to be there due to that beautiful girl, handsome dude, overwhelming emotions that you even hide to exhibit!… The regret is unbearable.
But “Hell” is no place you deserve.

Who is God to you? Are you planning to sell that birthright cos you think the cross is becoming to heavy?
Sing this song it will lift your spirit.
Take my hand, precious lord
Lead me on, let me stand
I am tired, I’m weak, I’m worn
Through the storm, through the night
Lead me on to the light
Take my hand, precious Lord lead me home

Its better to find out who God is to you now, then to find out who you were to Him on that day. You know the day I’m talking about right? That day will be one day.

©Vivi Oluoma